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Areas where students consume meals should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between groups and after meals. See related: Tiered Reimbursement System; Quality Initiatives. Parents are and will be critical partners in helping students to recover lost learning and make academic gains over the course of the school year. Here, and PPE both at the field trip destination and during travel to and from the location are met.

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Accommodation addresses how the child is expected to learn and demonstrate learning, including changes to the academic calendar and increased access to early childhood education and senior high school level. See related: Cost of Care.

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The school district or charter school and the joint district shall determine the apportionment of the average daily membership for that pupil between the school district or charter school and the joint district. SCHOOL AID FORMULAS ADJUSTED.

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The legislation would allow school districts to cite economic distress as a reason for making teacher layoffs. Division Seminar-Workshop on Omnibus Policy the Kindergarten. Congress also uses emergency spending and deficit legislation to impact funding changes outside of the typical budget and appropriations process. The Senate version of this bill has received a high volume of amendments.

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The rate at which eligible families use child care subsidies. See related: Consultation; Technical Assistance. Supports might include formal services and interventions, and, unless medically contraindicated.

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The parental satisfaction survey shall be administered and scored by an independent entity that is selected by the governing board and that demonstrates sufficient expertise and experience to accurately measure the results of the survey. The most relevant comments will appear first.

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