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How does a raise for my former spouse affect support? Note: For the purposes of the article, the terms alimony and spousal support are used interchangeably. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Their professionalism set me at ease by carefully explaining all my options and courses of actions I could realistically take. The code governs the amount and duration of the maintenance. Maybe below to long term marriage?

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What are the grounds for divorce in California? The best, and most accurate, way to do this is to look at tax returns because we assume they are true. The length of time it takes to get a divorce depends on how well the parties cooperate and work together to reach an agreement. This agreement is called a stipulation.

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Communications were clear, concise, and open. What is a permanent spousal support award that is ordered and I lose my job or make a lot less money? When we calculate child support, we generally use the actual incomes of both spouses. Changes in the law or the specifics of your case may result in legal interpretations that are different from those presented.

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If the paying spouse has experienced a serious reduction in income, due to involuntary termination or a health issue, the amount of spousal support could be either reduced or terminated.

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If the receiving spouse remarries, the obligation to pay spousal support will terminate, however, the paying spouse may need to obtain an order which terminates wage assignments if there is such an order in place.

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Spousal support can become a highly contentious issue amongst legally separating or divorcing couples. There are some cases where people face with domestic violence charges despite being innocent. They also impact the cost of health insurance and health care. The first type is temporary alimony.

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This will obviously make your support obligation lower.