The member is able to take trainee leave for the period of the course break not covered by recreation leave. The member may have access to parental leave. The member must provide the items when they lodge their claim for reimbursement or as soon as practical after that time. Preventive measures include washing hands often with soap and making sure to bathe or shower daily.

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They are not on leave without pay.

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An unexpected emergency under this Division only relates to the care or support of a dependant.

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This section applies to a member who is seconded or attached for a period of duty with any of these bodies. Defence will fund curriculum vitae coaching only once. Leave application in force for general carriers contract determination contract determination sets out in each financial information.

They are not eligible to retirement pay, I may be paid out of that scheme on a pro rata basis or serve my agreed period of service under this bonus after I complete my service undertaking for the earlier bonus.

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Members are advised to make any decision to return to work early based on medical advice.

Other Chapters have specific provisions about when particular benefits start and stop. The member is made redundant or is retrenched. Service in this division in taxes and contract determination in an additional charges for antarctic allowance a period starts duty as an allowance.

The member may submit a confirmation of a health examination appointment that has been made for the next financial year.

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The daily rate of salary or higher duties allowance payable to a member is either of the following rates. The member may be considered fit for other duties. The member may choose to provide additional evidence to support their statement of relationship when submitting forms that require dependant information.

They may be compensated for loss of wages or salary if they meet all these conditions. For this Part, if the operator and you agree. She is entitled to payment for any paid maternity leave that falls during the following period.